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Union of Women of the Kherson Region

The public organization “Union of Women of Kherson Region” was established in 2015 to unite citizens around activities based on the principles of freedom, justice, equality, tolerance and humanism. The union carries out its activities for the sake of peace, children and Ukraine.

The main goals of the organization:

  • to unite the efforts of women and communities and coordinate their actions for the development of civil society, the development of a democratic legal and socially oriented state;
  • support of initiatives aimed at enhancing the role and status of women in all areas on the principles of gender equality, democracy and peace;
  • observance of the rights and interests of children and youth of Kherson region, including orphans and children deprived of parental care.

The union works in the following areas:

  • Support and development of direct contacts with foundations, donor organizations, institutes and non-profit institutions to support social projects in the region;
  • Establishing cooperation with local authorities and local governments;
  • Organization of educational campaigns and projects to promote the Ukrainian language as the state language;
  • Ensuring public control over deinstitutionalization in the region;
  • Participation in the development and dissemination of social advertising.

During its existence, the organization has implemented the following projects and programs:

  • Social mentoring program “Step by step”– increasing the level of social adaptation of boarding schools and orphanages in the Kherson region, prevention of emotional burnout of teachers. Thanks to the project, the competencies and foundations of a healthy lifestyle were formed for 112 pupils and graduates of two boarding schools in the Kherson region.
  • Corporate mentoring program – the formation of competencies of graduates of institutions of institutional care and education, and persons from foster families and family-type orphanages in matters of social integration, motivation for conscious and responsible choice of profession, career guidance, successful independent living (33 children).
  • Social project “Open Hearts” – ensuring the socialization and social rehabilitation of orphans and children deprived of parental care, children with disabilities, children from families in difficult life circumstances; providing support to women in determining their own potential and responsible attitude to their lives. Thanks to the project, 15,000 children from all over the region were covered by mass socialization activities for children in institutional institutions.
  • The project “I – for you” – motivation and support of the residents of the Social Center of mother and child in revealing their own potential, overcoming difficult life situations, etc.

The projects were funded by voluntary donations of entrepreneurs to the statutory activities of the organization, and through the involvement of more than 60 partners of the organization from among the representatives of socially conscious business in the region. The main share of needs was also covered by volunteers. The volunteer movement of the Union of Women of Kherson Region united about 150 Kherson women who are always ready to help.