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Strengthening of civil society by creating of the Ukrainian Child Rights Network

Support of children and young people in Ukraine is organized almost exclusively by the state. Due to the lack of financial and legal provisions in Ukrainian legislation only a few hundred NGOs are actively involved in protecting the rights of children and youth in Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian government strives for quick implementation of social services market and decision of these issues in the process. In this case, we expect – similar to the processes in the EU states – for a significant strengthening of civil society initiatives and organizations working to help children and youth.

Now in Ukraine NGOs working in the sphere of the children and youth rights protection are not organized into associations except those in the frameworks of temporary projects, or those aimed at building of sustainable capacity of civil society in Ukraine. Typically, all cooperations are local and limited to multiple partners. In this way, there is also lack of structures that promote the creation of consensus among all active NGOs and that support representation of their interests in state bodies (Parliament, Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Finance, institutions for young people and social security, regional and local administrations, etc.). Therefore, creation of a network that would unite the NGOs working in the field of child rights protection was initiated.

Project goals:

  1. Strengthening of Ukrainian civil society and development of cooperation with European states in the field of children and youth care;
  2. Preparation for the creation of the Ukrainian Child Rights Network;
  3. Development of cooperation with European organizations actively involved in protecting children and youth.

Activities within the project:

of the Directory of NGOs
working in the field of child rights protection

6 national round tables on
“Status of Child Rights Implementation in Ukraine: Place and Role of NGOs”
in the cities of Ukraine

Study tour to Germany
in order to learn about the work of
the German league of child protection,
its objectives, networks formation process
The International Conference on
“The Role and Impact of Civil Society Organisations and Networks in Child Protection – European and Ukrainian Perspectives”
Demo version
of the UCRN website, and later the full version were produced
Development of legal documents for the Ukrainian Child Rights Network establishment (charter, financial policy, procedures, registration, etc.)

The project was realized with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office in the framework of the project of the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society.